Michael L. Naylor – Vitae: November, 2010
Vitae Michael L. Naylor, Ph.D., M.M.

Career Objectives & Expertise:

Continue to explore diverse perspectives of applied Musicology/Ethnomusicology to practices of globally diverse performance and Vitae academic delivery/presentation including:

^ Personal Information

3185 Pontiac Trail, Ann Arbor, MI 48105, U.S.A., Email:,

Office: U.S. 734-239-6367, Mobile: U.S. 734-649-0349, Website:


Ph.D. Ethnomusicology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI Vitae, USA, 1997

Concentrations: multi-cultural exchange and cross-cultural influences in Musicology, the performing arts, & potential use of media; Specific field: the application of the study of musical creativity to the ancient history of Vitae “creolization” or cross-cultural exchange;

Dissertation: “The Creativity in Culture: Creolization in the Musical Genre of the Seychelles Islands.” University of Michigan Publications, 1997

^ M.M. Media & Production, University of Miami, Coral Vitae Gables, FL, USA, 1985

Concentrations: creating, producing, and composing music for films and media.

Thesis Production: scripting and composing/producing music for media – including television and film projects.

^ B.M. Music Vitae Performance and Composition, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL, USA, 1979

Concentration: Trombone Performance, Orchestra & Jazz Orchestra/Combo, Composition.


Washtenaw Community College, 2005, 2007, Digital Photography, Video Production, Video Editing, Documentary Film Production

^ Hochschule, Frankfurt Vitae, Germany, 1977-78, 1970, 1981, German, European History, Modern Music Composition,

University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA, 1973-75, Major: Trombone Performance, Minor: Conducting, and Composition,

Interlochen Arts Academy, Interlochen, MI,USA, Graduated: 1973

Languages: Fluent: English, Moderate: German, Creole Vitae, Elementary: Spanish, French

P.2 Naylor – Employment

Music Performance: Vocal (multi-lingual/cultural), Composition, Keyboards, Percussion, Trombone, Acting/Musical Theater, Theatrical Conducting (Musical Theater/Opera)

^ Employment: Professional Administration / Education

Director/Board Vice-Chair, Visions Vitae and Vibrations International, LLC, Ann Arbor, MI, U.S.A., 2005-present



Adjunct Professor, Wayne Vitae State University, Detroit, MI, USA, 2000-present



Director of Music Studies, Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, 1999-present


P.3 Naylor – Employment (cont.)

Awards: “Outstanding Instructor” or “Instructor Merit Recognition” from the President, 1995-1997, 1999-2002, 2004-2009

President, Institute for the Healing of Racism (Michigan), Royal Oak, MI, USA, 2005-07


^ Board Member, The Center for Cultural Healing, Ann Arbor, MI, U.S.A., 2006-7/2009


Department Chair, Washtenaw Comm. College, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, 1994-99


Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, USA, 1993


^ Graduate Assistant, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, USA, 1990-92


P.4 Naylor – Curriculum Vitae (Employment - cont.)

Director, Jazz & Commercial Music Studies, Oakland University, Rochester, MI, USA, 1985-90 Summary:

Interim Director/Graduate Adjunct, Media Production and Composition, University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL, USA, 1983-85


Director, Music Center, Frankfurt Vitae, Germany /Musical Theater Director, Hanau Stadt Theater, 1978-82




“The Vitae Educator’s Role in Cultural Healing and the Sacred Space of the World Music Classroom,” Léonie E. Naylor, L.P.C. /Michael L. Naylor, Ph.D. in The Oxford Handbook of Vitae Medical Ethnomusicology, Oxford Publications, released September, 2008. Edited by: Benjamin D. Koen, Ph.D.

“Our Musical World: Creative Insights into a Planet’s Cultural Diversity” c. 2008, Visions & Vibrations International, LLC, See sample Unit Vitae materials:

Summary: A 580 page text and 4 musical CDs (80 musical examples) was created after interviews with 125 musicians, educators, and artists (photography/visual art) from nearly eight-two cultures in Vitae most regions of the world to address mis-perceptions of history, race, culture, and the creative process as may benefit Western students/English-speaking students. Based on the conducted interviews, music is used as a Vitae window to global awareness, acquisition of life-skills, and deeper understanding of the creative process and history of cultural fusion or creolization. Topics of the text also include: understanding Vitae symbolism and power of creative intuition, value and bias formulation, the inter-connection of religion to music/art, the interrelationship of the culture’s history to their musical values, and the interconnectivity of music Vitae to community rituals which mark the life cycle. The text includes over 500 original photographs (taken during fieldwork), which reinforce the inter-disciplinarity between music and the other arts.

P.5 ^ Naylor – Curriculum Vitae Vitae (Presentations - cont.)

“Music Theory Workbook:Practical Applications of track-system Music Theory to Student Goals,” c.2006 Huron Valley Publications, Ann Arbor, MI

Summary: Developed a unique system for individualizing music instruction in a “track Vitae” system. The materials included exercises and instruction based upon student’s stated goals in the following interest groups:

Elementary School educators wishing to increase creativity and group interaction in classroom instruction (elementary Vitae school), professional training for jazz/commercial musicians [two levels: hobby and professional], & standard university-transfer preparatory music theory.

“Exploring the Creativity in Culture… through the World of Music,”c.1998, J&P Publications Vitae, Ann Arbor, MI

Summary: This text was created to teach students the value of being “creative” through and understanding of music. The text is more suited for students 15-22 years of age Vitae and includes three professionally produced CDs. It was a pre-cursor to “Our Musical World.” (see above)


“Re-Defining Academic Dissertation: A Case for Increasing the Role of Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Vitae, and Media-Based Dissertation,” Keynote Address: L.A.N.D. (Liberal Arts Network for Academic Development), Accepting Award for Outstanding Innovator in Education, Port Huron, Michigan, February, 2010

“Healing Cultural Imperialism: Art Education in the Vitae Context of World,” Key-note Seminar, ISME (International Association of Music Educators), Bologna, Italy, July 2008

“The Legacy of ‘Race’ and ‘Nation:’ Dialoguing a ‘Re’-perception of Global Cultural Exchange Vitae and Creolization through Western Music History,” STP&A (Social Theory, Politics, & the Arts) Conference and Full-length Article, Vienna, Austria, July - 2006

“Heeding the Creole Voice: Viewing Music History in a Global Context”

Image and Vitae Narrative: Issue 10, Visualization of the Subaltern in World Music, On Musical Contestations Strategies, Belgium, 2005

“The Creativity in Culture: Creolization in the Musical Genres of the Seychelles Islands,” c.1997, University of Michigan Vitae Publication, Ann Arbor, MI (Dissertation publication)

Summary: Ph.D. dissertation publication focused on using music to explain the ‘age-old’ phenomena of cultural exchange and creativity in the contact and mixing of Vitae ethnic groups. The Seychelles Islands (Indian Ocean) represented a perfect model of creolization and the transformation from racial/ethnic separatist-thinking, to a perception of the “creole” as a unique and Vitae relevant replacement of the human condition less attached to racial/national identifiers.

“’^ When have we not been Multi-cultural,’ a re-examination of Music History from the perspective of the Ancient Tradition of Multi Vitae-cultural Exchange.” Presented at Conferences (Абс, SEM): Detroit, Atlanta, New York, Chicago, Toronto, and Toledo, OH, USA/CANADA, 2002- 2005.

“The Creative Community: a look at the potential of the arts to establish healthy Vitae community in the 21st century.” Presented: Detroit, Ann Arbor, MI, 2005-present

“The History of Racism and the history of Racial Unity in American Jazz.” Presented Абс Conferences: Detroit, Atlanta, USA, 2001-2003.

“The ‘Art Ensemble:’ a Vitae Model of Artistic Consultation,” European Youth Conference, Brno, Czech. Republic, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2006.

^ Classes/Curriculum Designed or Instructed

World Music Survey, Designed global music curriculum including authored and published global music and culture text Vitae: “Our Musical World: Creative Insights into a Planet’s Cultural Diversity,” Semesters taught: forty-five (1993-present);

^ Western Music Survey, an Interdisciplinary and global exchange approach to understanding the evolution of instruments, composition styles, and Vitae cultural/religious connections to Western composition styles and traditions, Semesters taught: fifteen (1985-1997);

Music Theory I / Music Theory II, Designed a “track-system” approach to teaching Western Music Theory based Vitae on student goals and career ambitions. Workbook created – includes assignments and flexible exam and assessment formula, Semesters taught: thirty (1997-present);

^ Graduate Western/World Music History Seminar, Taught and monitored student research in Vitae Western music and world music research areas across disciplines and with emphasis on media dissertation, Semester taught: eight (intermittent: 1997-present);

Songwriting and Creative Composition, Designed and instructed a “creative composition class” that deemphasized “genre” or Vitae jazz/art music separation, emphasizing the creative composition process with Historical emphasis on the writings of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Verdi, Wagner, R.Strauss, Stravinsky, and modern composers Ives to Beatles Vitae, Semesters taught: twenty (1994-2006);

Other Classes:

Jazz Orchestra (Conductor - ten semesters), Jazz Improvisation (five semesters), History of Vocal Polyphony and Composition (five semesters), World Music Ensemble, (eight semesters), History of World Performance Practices, (three semesters Vitae), History of Media and Music, (two semesters), Opera Orchestra (Conductor – three semesters), Creolization and Fusion: Music Today, (two semesters).


Documentary film production, 2005- present

Completed filming and editing on “small segment Vitae” films for presentation in multi-cultural performance presentations (see “OMW” project above). Currently working with professional film team to create storyboards and pre-production for “Our Musical World” film series.

^ Motorcity Vitae Samba – collaborative multi-ethnic jazz ensemble, 1994-2000

Composed, performed with own Detroit-area jazz ensemble for concerts and at jazz festivals including: Ann Arbor Jazz & Blues Festival, Detroit Montreux Jazz Festival, WCC Fall and Vitae Spring Jazzfests, Ann Arbor “top of the park” Concert Series.

^ Studio performer/composer-arranger, Detroit, MI, 1985-1998

Composed/arranged Jazz Orchestra compositions, jingles, documentary film scores, and songs for: WCC Jazz Orchestra, Wayne Vitae State Symphony Orchestra, University of Michigan – Creative Jazz Orchestra, composed and performed Jingles for: Little Ceasar’s Pizza, Tubby’s Submarines, the U.S. Marine Corps, local Automobile companies, Форд Motor company, etc Vitae.

^ Studio performer, Miami, FL area, 1976-77/83-85

Performed with local jazz musicians (primarily jazz vocalist), played in orchestras behind: Julio Iglesias, Debbie Reynolds, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, the Four Tops, Stylistics, the Manhattens Vitae, Jose Luis Rodriquez, Raphael, Curtis & Carmen Lundy, and Ira Sullivan; toured with Miami Sound Machine, Bee-Gees, Miami

P.6 ^ Naylor – Curriculum Vitae (references)

Concert Band (Middle Eastern/Europe tour: included- Montreux Switzerland Jazz Vitae Festival with the Brecker Brothers, Cyprus, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunesia and Paris), and Louie Bellson Big Band; composed and performed jingles for: Publix supermarket, Variq Airlines (Brazil), WLGI Radio; performed numerous jingles with Vitae jingle/back-up group (which included Jon Secada as tenor).

^ Jazz Performer /Composer / Conductor Germany (European market), 1977-83

Performed in ‘avant-garde’ jazz ensemble: “Ominous Mirage” as well as toured Vitae/performed with Peter Giger’s ‘Family of Percussion,’ and ‘Solamente una Gran Familia’ – World music tour for UNICEF of: Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Equador, Columbia, & Venezuela (six month tour); Arranged music for Hessicher Vitae Rundfunk (State of Hessen) radio jazz orchestra,

^ Musical Theater: Music Director/Conductor/Arranger, Hanau Stadt Theater Germany (European market), 1977-82

Arranged orchestral scores for original “music reviews” and conducted musical theater Vitae for Hanau Stadt Theater; Performed and/or traveled with Celia Cruz, Fania All-Stars, and Dizzy Gillespie (one week).

^ Trombonist, Orchestra/Chamber Music: Iowa City, IA, / Ft. Lauderdale Symphony (assistant Principal), 1974-1977 / Hessen, Germany: 1977-1983

Routinely performed Vitae in chamber and symphonic ensembles in all locations through 1983.

Other areas of experience:

Curriculum Development -

^ Curriculum Assessment –

Created and implemented a series of rubric development and assessment implantation and analysis for Gen. Ed., specific course, and career program (degrees). Work included creation of specific student Vitae accomplishments to be assessed, development of specific assessment activities (tools/rubrics), implementation of assessment tools, analysis of student work and input, and creation of modified course revisions based on assessment Vitae. Chaired three search committees: Dance Faculty, Music Ensemble Director/conductor, Music Technology Instructor. Served on two Ethnomusicology dissertation committees.

Passions/Interests –

Travel, digital filming, and photography: including to all countries in Vitae Europe and Eastern Europe, S. America, Greece, Syria, Cyprus, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, the Seychelles, and the Caribbean Islands of Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, St. John, and St. Thomas, as well as Honduras Vitae and Mexico; Culinary Arts – with an emphasis on Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Indian, and Caribbean foods; and foreign films – with a special passion for “first-source” or “minority” мейд films Vitae of all cultures. [Note: this “passion” represents an important aspect of the future of “multi-cultural” studies --- as first source film-making informs content and methodology (perspective through production)].


Dr. Lester Monts Vitae, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, 3074 Fleming Administration Building, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1340
(734) 764-9290,

Dr. Benjamin D. Koen, Medical, Cognitive, & Applied Ethnomusicology, Florida State University College of Music, Tallahassee, Florida 32306-1180, Ofc Vitae: (850) 644-4642 email:

Dr. Richard Thomas, School of History, Michigan State University, Lansing, MI, 48824, Email:; Telephone: 517-432-8222x111

Dr. June Thomas, Centennial Professor, Urban and Regional Planning Program, A Vitae. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, The University of Michigan, 2000 Bonisteel Blvd., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2069, Phone: 734 936-0201

Dr. Bill Abernathy, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, Washtenaw Community Vitae College, 4800 E. Huron River Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48106, [Please contact me before contacting this reference, due to current cmployment]