PART 6 COMPREHENSION CHECK - Практичний курс англійської мови навчальний посібник з практики усного та письмового...

^ PART 6 COMPREHENSION CHECK 6.1 Test yourself
Variant 1

  1. Translate into English.

  1. знижувати задоволеність роботою з боку трудящого

  1. плинність кадрів

  1. заохочувальні стимули до раннього виходу на пенсію

  1. пройти через різні ступені

  1. забезпечення, гарантоване...

  1. організація/ створення професійних спілок

  1. відсутність на робочому місці

  1. період спеціального професійного навчання

  1. зростання стажу

  1. будувати людський капітал

  • Translate into Ukrainian.

    1. apprenticeship programs

    1. further human intervention

    1. labour market behaviour

    1. survey questionnaires

    1. to contribute to the goals

    1. to obtain budget funds from top management

    1. workplace outcomes

    1. ascertain worker expectations

    1. leading employers

    1. the long-run income prospects

    3. Fill in the gaps with a vocabulary phrase that best fits the meaning of each sentence.

    1. The interests, values, and expectations that workers bring to the workplace provide a useful _________________________ for understanding how employees respond to managerial policies.

    1. Psychologists have traditionally used survey questionnaires and interviews to measure worker attitudes, values, and beliefs and then examined the relationships of these attitudes to ______________________________such as job search, turnover, absenteeism, union organizing, and withdrawal from the labour force.

    1. Failure to complete high school reduces significantly one's expected________________________.

    1. Thus, the initial career stage is one in which an individual is ___________________________or, as social scientists put it, building human capital.

    1. Before the __________________________________of writing, translation was instantaneous and oral; persons professionally specializing in such work were called interpreters.

    ^ 4. Make a literary translation into English.

    a) Since people are living longer, they will probably also work longer. Some will continue to work because of financial need, while others will continue working because they enjoy what they do. The 1967 Age Discrimination in Employment Act prohibits employers in the United States from discriminating against employees because of their age.

    Older workers are likely to prompt changes in the American workplace. For example, job sharing, when two part-time employees do the work of one full-time employee, would allow older workers to reduce their working hours while maintaining a portion of their income. More companies may offer on-the-job training and sabbaticals (leave of absence) for workers who wish to learn new skills. It is also likely that many older workers will want to work from home or become self-employed.

    b) One thing was certain: the Morses had not cared to have him for himself or for his work. Therefore they could not want him now for himself or for his work, but for the fame that was his, because he was somebody amongst men, and - why not? - because he had a hundred thousand dollars or so. That was the way bourgeois society valued a man, and who was he to expect it otherwise? But he was proud. He disdained such valuation. He desired to be valued for himself, or for his work, which, after all, was an expression of himself. That was the way Lizzie valued him. The work, with her, did not even count. She valued him, himself. That was the way Jimmy, the plumber, and all the old gang valued him. That had been proved often enough in the days when he ran with them; it had been proved that Sunday at Shell Mound Park. His work could go hang. What they liked, and were willing to scrap for, was just Mart Eden, one of the bunch and a pretty good guy.

    Variant 2

    1. Translate into English.

      1. джерело прибутків

      1. внесок до науки

      1. неспроможність закінчити/ виконати

      1. незадовільненність платнею

      1. період стабільності

      1. отримати бюджетне фінансування від керівництва

      1. припинення трудової діяльності

      1. пересічний трудящий

      1. відповідальність за родину

      1. вимушена зміна роботи

    2. Translate into Ukrainian.

    1. to gain the respect of peers in their field of work

    1. to place a relatively low priority

    1. a person professionally specializing in

    1. initial education

    1. long-run trend

    1. prospects of limited success

    1. through a third party

    1. to hire on a contract-by-contract basis

    1. a predictor of job turnover

    1. dimensions of employment

    ^ 3. Fill in the gaps with a vocabulary phrase that best fits the meaning of each sentence.

    1. Since work is the most important____________________________, it is no surprise to find that all workers place a high value on the income and security provided by their jobs.

    1. Both survey evidence and labour market behaviour demonstrate that workers expect their jobs to provide both ____________________________compensation.

    1. Following the completion of schooling and_____________________________, most workers experience a trial period in which they change jobs a number of times in search of a good match between their abilities and aspirations and the opportunities available to them.

    1. The average worker changes jobs six to eight times before settling into_____________________________________.

    1. Even between the languages of communities whose cultures are______________________________, there is by no means a one-to-one relation of exact lexical equivalence between the items of their vocabularies. In their lexical meanings, words acquire various overtones and associations that are not shared by the nearest corresponding words in other languages; this may vitiate a literal translation.

    ^ 4. Make a literary translation into English.

    a) This unprecedented rise in the number of older people will have lasting effects on society. The growing number of older persons throughout the world is already affecting the global economy. In the same way that the 1960s had a “youth market” that targeted the baby boomer generation, today there is a growing “mature market”—called the “silver industries” in Japan—that focuses on serving the needs of the older population. The growth of the “mature market” has prompted an economic boom in many industries, including the health care, pharmaceutical, financial services, tourism, and recreational industries.

    b) He had many invitations to dinner, some of which he accepted. Persons got themselves introduced to him in order to invite him to dinner. And he went on puzzling over the little thing that was becoming a great thing. Bernard Higginbotham invited him to dinner. He puzzled the harder. He remembered the days of his desperate starvation when no one invited him to dinner. That was the time he needed dinners, and went weak and faint for lack of them and lost weight from sheer famine. That was the paradox of it. When he wanted dinners, no one gave them to him, and now that he could buy a hundred thousand dinners and was losing his appetite, dinners were thrust upon him right and left. But why? There was no justice in it, no merit on his part. He was no different. All the work he had done was even at that time work performed. Mr. and Mrs. Morse had condemned him for an idler and a shirk and through Ruth had urged that he take a clerk's position in an office.

    Variant 3

    1. Translate into English.

      1. завоювати пошану з боку колег/ співпрацівників

      1. розташовувати на відносно низькому місці

      1. вихід на пенсію/ у відставку (за віком)

      1. пошук роботи

      1. відправний пункт/ пункт відліку

      1. перспективи довгострокового отримання прибутків

      1. наймати на роботу за контрактом для виконання окремого проекту

      1. встановлювати обов'язковий вік виходу на пенсію

      1. задовольнити/ забезпечити очікування трудящих

      1. призначити виконувати важливий та відповідальний/ складний проект

    2. Translate into Ukrainian.

    1. to be assigned to important and challenging projects

    1. to impose a mandatory retirement age

    1. to set into a stable employment relationship

    1. early retirement incentives

    1. to be concerned about the employment security

    1. to win contracts from customers

    1. entry-level training period

    1. internal promotion

    1. trial or job-matching period

    1. expected lifetime earnings

    ^ 3. Fill in the gaps with a vocabulary phrase that best fits the meaning of each sentence.

    1. Furthermore, there is no evidence that the expectation of high and equitable wages weakens as individuals move up the ________________________________ and receive higher pay.

    1. What do technical professionals want from their jobs and careers? Like all other workers, scientists and engineers are concerned about their employment security and_______________________.

    1. As family responsibilities become greater and seniority increases the ______________________within an organization, the likelihood of staying with a given firm likewise increases.

    1. The potential costs of job loss also tend to mount over time, as it becomes harder to find a job with another company that will __________________________often achieved after years of service and internal promotion.

    1. Significantly, it is this last aspect of translation to which mechanical and computerized techniques are being applied with some___________________________________.

    ^ 4. Make a literary translation into English.

    a) Blue collar workers pose a special challenge. As they age, these workers may no longer be up to the physical rigors of their jobs. In some cases, blue collar workers who want to remain on the job may be retrained, or their jobs may be modified to fit their changing abilities. Experienced blue collar workers may also be used to train younger workers.

    Older women are another group that faces unique challenges. In the late 1990s American women could expect to live about six years longer than men, meaning that many women outlive their spouses. For some women this means a catastrophic loss of income as their husbands' pension and social security income disappears.

    b) Mr. Morse met Martin in the office of the Hotel Metropole. Whether he had happened there just casually, intent on other affairs, or whether he had come there for the direct purpose of inviting him to dinner, Martin never could quite make up his mind, though he inclined toward the second hypothesis. At any rate, invited to dinner he was by Mr. Morse - Ruth's father, who had forbidden him the house and broken off the engagement.

    Martin was not angry. He was not even on his dignity. He tolerated Mr. Morse, wondering the while how it felt to eat such humble pie. He did not decline the invitation. Instead, he put it off with vagueness and indefiniteness and inquired after the family, particularly after Mrs. Morse and Ruth. He spoke her name without hesitancy, naturally, though secretly surprised that he had had no inward quiver, no old, familiar increase of pulse and warm surge of blood.
      1. Write an essay to the topic :

    “Translation- The Art Or A Job”

    “Career Prospects Of A Young Person ”

    “Youth Market And Its Problems”

    “The Way That We Choose”

    “Profile. A Successful Career”

    “The History And The Traditions Of The English Language Department Of Priazov State Technical University”