First semester examination - 6

There will not be any external examination of the university. The performance of the candidates should continuously be evaluated by an internal committee. The committee may conduct viva-voce at the end for First semester examination - 6 the award of the marks.
^ Paper Code: ETPH-151 L P C

Paper: Applied PHYSICS LAB – I 0 2 1


List of Experiments


  1. (1)               To plot a graph between the distance of the knife-edge from the center of the First semester examination - 6 gravity and the time period of bar pendulum. From the graph, find


      1. (a)                The acceleration due to gravity

(b) The radius of gyration and the moment of inertia of the bar about an axis First semester examination - 6.


  1. (2)               To determine the moment of inertia of a flywheel about its own axis of rotation.


  1. (3)               To determine the value of acceleration due to gravity using koter’s pendulum.


  1. (4)               To determine the frequency First semester examination - 6 of A.C. mains using sonometer and an electromagnet.


  1. (5)               To determine the frequency of electrically maintained turning fork by Melde’s method.


  1. (6)               To determine the dispersive power of prism using spectrometer First semester examination - 6 and mercury source.


  1. (7)               To determine the wavelength of sodium light by Newton’s Ring.


  1. (8)               To determine the wavelength of sodium light using diffraction grating.


  1. (9)               To determine the refractive index of a First semester examination - 6 prism using spectrometer.


  1. (10)           To determine the specific rotation of cane sugar solution with the help of polarimeter.


  1. (11)           To find the wavelength of He-Ne Laser using transmission diffraction grating.


  1. (12)           To determine the numeral aperture First semester examination - 6 (NA) of a Optical Fibre.


  1. (13)           Compute simulation (simple application of Monte Carlo) e.g. Brownian motion, charging & discharging of capacitor.


^ Note: Any 8-10 experiments out of the list may be chosen. Proper error – analysis First semester examination - 6 must be carried out with all the experiments.

Paper Code: ETCH – 153 L P C

Paper: Applied Chemistry Lab – I 0 2 1


List of Experiments


1. To determine the percentage composition of a mixture of Sodium hydroxide First semester examination - 6 and Sodium Chloride.


2. To determine the amount of Sodium Carbonate in the given mixture of Sodium Carbonate and Sodium Bicarbonate.


3. Determine the amount of Oxalic Acid and Sulphuric Acid/Hydrochloric First semester examination - 6 Acid in one litre of solution given standard Sodium Hydroxide and Potassium Permanganate.


4. To determine the Carbonate, Bicarbonate and Chloride contents in irrigation water.


5. To determine the no. of water molecules of First semester examination - 6 crystallization in Mohr’s salt provided standard dichromate solution using internal indicator.


6. Determine the amount of Cu in the copper ore solution provided hypo solution.


7. Iodometric Titration of K2Cr2O7 v/s Na First semester examination - 62S2O3 to determine the percentage purity of K2Cr2O7 sample.


8. Argentometric titration one each of Vohlard’s method and of Mohr’s method.


9. Complexometric Titrations.


10. Detrmination of dissolved First semester examination - 6 Oxygen in given sample if water.



  1. Vogel’s Textbook of Quantitative Chemical Analysis (Latest ed.), Revised by G.H. Jeffery, J. Bassett, J. Mendham & R.C. Denney

  2. Applied Chemistry: Theory and First semester examination - 6 Practice (Latest ed.), By O.P. Vermani & A.K. Narula

Paper Code: ETCS 155 L P C

Paper: Introduction to AutoCAD, Office Automation and Web Design 0 3 2

List of Experiments


1. Use Microsoft-Word to perform the First semester examination - 6 following:

  1. a)                  Send out invitation letter to several people using mail merge facility.

  2. b)                  Create tabular data in word and insert graph to represent data.

  3. c)                  Create a Macro and use it in First semester examination - 6 an application.


2. Use Microsoft-Excel to perform the following:

  1. a)                  Create a Macro and use it in an application

  2. b)                  Enter the name and marks of 10 students and perform various mathematical functions on First semester examination - 6 it.

  3. c)                  Enter first quarter performance of five companies and create a pie chart showing there shareholders in the market.


3. Use Microsoft Power-Point to perform the following

  1. a)                  Create a slide First semester examination - 6 show on any subject of your choice using minimum five slides.

  2. b)                  Create slideshow in operating sound.

  3. c)                  Create an animation using group, ungroup, order, textbox image insert etc.


4. Use HTML to First semester examination - 6 design a Home page for IGIT using all the features of HTML like buttons, frames, marquee check boxes etc..


5. Use AutoCAD to do the following:

  1. a)                  Use of Drawing & Editing Properties First semester examination - 6: Modify Object Properties and a know how of layers, colors and prototype drawing.

  2. b)                  Draw line (Poly line, multi line, linear line), polygon, ellipse, circle, arc, rectangle and use cross hatching, regions, boundary, spline First semester examination - 6, donut, fillet and extent commands.

  3. c)                  Dimensioning commands, styles, control scale factors, drawing set-up, grip editing objects snaps, utility commands.

  4. d)                  Projection of points, lines and solids,

  5. e)                  Section First semester examination - 6 of Solids

  6. f)                    Development and Intersection of Surface

  7. g)                  Isomeric Projections
^   Create a WEB page containing hyperlinks to the pages having information about Science and Technology.
Paper Code: ETME-157 L P C

Paper: Workshop Practice 0 3 2

Materials: Spectrography First semester examination - 6 method for finding composition of materials.

Wood Working Shop: Making of various joints, Pattern making.

Foundary Shop: Bench moulding with single piece pattern and two piece pattern.

Floor First semester examination - 6 moulding – Making of bend pipe mould etc.

Machine moulding – Making of mould using Match-plate pattern.

Core making- Making and baking of dry sand cores for placing in horizontal, vertical and hanging positions in First semester examination - 6 the mould cavity.


^ Fitting Shop: Learning use of fitting хэнд tools, marking tools, marking gauge.

Exercises: Jobs мейд out of MS Flats, making saw – cut filling V-cut taper at the First semester examination - 6 corners, circular cut, fitting square in square, triangle in square.

^ Welding Shop: Electric arc welding, Edge preparations, Exercises making of various joints. Bead formation in horizontal, vertical and First semester examination - 6 overhead positions.

Gas Welding: Oxy-Acetylene welding and cutting of ferrous metals.

Soldering: Dip soldering.

Brazing: With Oxy-Acetylene gas.

^ Sheet Metal Shop: Learning use of sheet-metal tools, Exercises First semester examination - 6: Making jobs out of GI sheet metal. Cylindrical, Conical and Prismatic shapes.


Project Shop: Extrusion of soft metals, Plastic coating of copper wires, Plastic moulding.

Paper Code: ETME-159 L P C

Paper: Engineering Graphics First semester examination - 6 Lab 0 2 1
^   UNIT - I
General: Importance, Significance and scope of engineering drawing, Lettering, Dimensioning, Scales, Sense of proportioning, Different types of projections, Orthographic Projection, B.I.S. Specifications,


Projections of Point and First semester examination - 6 Lines: Introduction of planes of projection, Reference and auxiliary planes, projections of points and Lines in different quadrants, traces, inclinations, and true lengths of the lines, projections on Auxiliary planes, shortest distance First semester examination - 6, intersecting and non-intersecting lines.

Planes other than the Reference Planes: Introduction of other planes (perpendicular and oblique), their traces, inclinations etc., Projections of points and lines lying in the planes, conversion First semester examination - 6 of oblique plane into auxiliary Plane and solution of related problems.


Projections of Plane Figures: Different cases of plane figures (of different shapes) making different angles with one or both reference First semester examination - 6 planes and lines lying in the plane figures making different given angles (with one of both reference planes). Obtaining true shape of the plane figure by projection.

^ Projection of Solids: Simple First semester examination - 6 cases when solid is placed in different positions, Axis faces and lines lying in the faces of the solid making given angles.




Isometric Projection

Nomography : Basic Concepts and use.



^ TEXT First semester examination - 6 BOOKS:

1. Engineering drawing by N.D.Bhatt (Charotar Publications).



1. Engineering Drawing by S.C.Sharma & Navin Kumar (Galgotia Publications)

2. Engineering Drawing by Venugopalan.