E nglish in International Business

Short Form Unit Details

Unit Title

English in International Business



Reference No.

(showing level)


Credit Value

15 CAT points

Student Study Hours

Contact hours: 45

Student managed learning hours: 105

Total study hours: 150

Pre-requisite learning

IELTS 6.0 or equivalent



Excluded combinations


Unit co-ordinator

Gail E nglish in International Business Langley



Short Description

This unit aims to develop students’ awareness and competence in the use of English language in the context of international business. The фокус will be on the development of E nglish in International Business language and communication skills appropriate to cross-cultural communication in international business situations such as global branding, marketing and advertising in multinational companies. Students will develop meeting and team-building skills and develop E nglish in International Business their cultural awareness and academic language skills.

The methodology will be interactive and require a high degree of participation using case studies, role plays and simulations.


  • Enhance students’ awareness and competence E nglish in International Business in the use of English in the study and practice of international business.

  • Extend students’ business communication skills in conducting tasks such as meetings, negotiating & presentations.

  • Develop students’ business communication skills in preparing E nglish in International Business questionnaires for market research surveys written up as reports.

  • Develop students’ ability to write business letters & emails.

  • Further develop students’ spoken and written academic language skills.

  • Enhance students’ understanding of current E nglish in International Business issues of international business.

Indicative content

The syllabus will bring together a blend of skills and topics which allow effective contextualisation of language and business communication skills in an international context E nglish in International Business.

The main language skills to be developed are:

Cross cultural communication skills, vocabulary development, extending the range of expression, improving accuracy, improving mastery of different/appropriate register and different speakers of English .

The E nglish in International Business main business communication skills to be developed are:

Oral presentation skills, meeting and negotiating skills, report writing skills, business letters and emails and cross-cultural awareness.

The main study skills are E nglish in International Business:

Survey and questionnaire techniques, oral and written presentation skills, research and analytical skills.


Elements & weightings

Coursework 50% eg paired oral presentation, meeting to negotiate, survey-questionnaire report, personal development plan

Examination 50%: 2 hours, 2 questions eg business correspondence, case E nglish in International Business study report

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