Currriculum vitae

Marek Kwiek

Currriculum vitae
Marek Kwiek

born: 17/09/1966, Poznan (Poland)

title: Professor

work: Philosophy Department, Social Sciences Faculty, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan (Poland)

Center for Public Policy, Adam Mickiewicz University, Director

1) Professional/research experience

(a) Employment history

2002- Director, Center Currriculum vitae for Public Policy, Adam Mickiwicz University, Poznan, Poland

2001- Professsor, Adam Mickiewicz University, Department of Philosophy, Poznan, Poland

1999-2001 – Associate Professor, above

1999-1995 - Assisstant Professor, above

1995-1992 – Ph.D. candidate, above

1999 – Habilitation title, philosophy

1995 – Ph.D. degree, philosophy

(b) Research fellowships and professorships abroad

2003 - a Currriculum vitae Kluge Fellow, Kluge Center at the Library of Congress, Washington, DC, USA

2003 - 2002 - a NED (National Endowment for Democracy) Fellow, International Forum for Democratic Studies, Washington, DC, USA (September 2002 - March 2003, six months)

2000-1999 – a visiting professor Currriculum vitae, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary (1 semester)

1999 – a visiting scholar, J.F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies, Free University, Berlin, Germany (July-August, 2 months)

1997-1996 – a Kosciuszko Foundation postdoctoral visiting scholar, University Currriculum vitae of California at Berkeley, Department of History, USA (host: Professor Martin Jay, December-May, 6 months)

1996 – a Canadian Faculty Research Award Program visiting researcher, McGill University, Department of Philosophy, Montreal, Quebec Currriculum vitae, (host: Professor Charles Taylor, June-July, 2 months)

1995-1994 – a Fulbright Foundation visiting scholar, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Department of Philosophy (host: Professor Richard Rorty, August-May, 10 months)

(c) Research projects

2005-2002 - team member, Erasmus GENIE Currriculum vitae Network („Globalization and Education Network in Europe”, headed by Dr. Susan Robertson, University of Bristol)

2003-2002 - team member, European Association of Education Law and Policy (ELA), Brussels, "Freedom of education and the contribution of non-governmental Currriculum vitae educational institutions in promoting pluralism in education" (headed by Prof. Dr. Jan De Groof, Government Commissioner for the Universities in Belgium)

2003-2002 - team member, a European Commission and the European Association Currriculum vitae for Education Law and Policy (ELA) project, "Legal Framework of New Governance in Education Throughout Europe" (hosted by College of Europe, Bruges, chaired by Prof. Jan De Groof)

2003-2002 – team member, a University Paris Currriculum vitae X-Nanterre project “The Future of Education Systems: the Contemporary Dynamics of Decision Structures nd the Restructuring of Education Spaces” (chaired by Prof. Annie Vinokur)

2003-2001 - team member, "PROPHE: Program for Research Currriculum vitae on Private Higher Education", EAPS, State University of New York at Albany, USA, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, (headed by Professor Daniel C. Levy)

2002- 2001 - contracted expert, the European Commission STRATA expert group Currriculum vitae "Developing Foresight for Higher Education/Research relations development in the perspective of the European Research Area (ERA)" – (chaired by Prof. Maurice Godelier)

2002-2001 – grantee, Polish „State Committee for Scientific Research” (KBN), research project Currriculum vitae about ^ Beyond Modern University? Philosophical Dimensions of Global Challenges

2002 – 2000 - board member, Megaproject „Innovative Methods in the Social Sciences and the Humanities”, Kiev, Ukraine (via Institute of Educational Studies, Open Society Institute, Budapest)

2001-2000 – team Currriculum vitae member, „The Academic Profession in a Changing International Environment”, Center for International Higher Education, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, USA, funded by the Форд Foundation (headed by Professor Philip G. Altbach)

2000 – grantee, International OSI Policy Currriculum vitae Fellowship, Center for Policy Studies, Central European University (CEU), Budapest, research project about^ The Identity Crisis. Polish Higher Education in Transition

1999-1998 – team member, an international research team “Rethinking the Currriculum vitae Past. The Reconstruction of Nations and the Rewriting of the Past in Central/Eastern Europe” (Professor Hayden White, UC Santa Cruz)

1999-1997 – grantee, RSS Research Support Scheme, Central European University, Prague, research project about ^ Intellectuals and Currriculum vitae Postmodernity. A Study in Philosophy of Culture

1997-1996 – grantee, Polish "State Committee for Scientific Research" (KBN), research project about The Philosopher, Freedom, Responsibility - from the Perspective of Postmodernity

1994-1993 – grantee, RSS Research Support Currriculum vitae Scheme, Central European University, Prague, research project about ^ Philosophical Postmodernism and Central Europe?

(d) Academic honors and distinctions

2002 – Editorial Board member, Globalization, Education, and Societies journal (Carfax Publishing London)

2002 - Editorial Board member, Analytical Currriculum vitae Reports in International Education (UC San Diego)

2001 – Vice-President, International Foundation for Higher Education Policy and Research, Kiev, Ukraine

2001 – Advisory Board member, ^ Polish Philosophical Review, Warsaw, IFiS PAN;

2000 - Advisory Board member, Principia. A Journal Currriculum vitae in Theoretical Sociology, Krakow

1998-1997 and 1999-1998 – CEP Цивик Education Project Eastern Scholar, Department of Philosophy, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan

1996-1997 - RSS/HESP fellow, Department of Philosophy, Adam Mickiewicz University

1997, 1997, 2000 – awardee, book awards (Stefan Batory Foundation; 2 Rectoral Currriculum vitae Book Awards)

1996 – fellow, a year-long fellowship „for talented young scholars” of the Foundation for Polish Science (FNP) (12 months)

1995 – doctoral diploma with award

^ 4) Publications: 6 books (3 monographs, 3 edited or co-authored);

65 published Currriculum vitae articles, 8 forthcoming

The full version of my list of publications (as well as about 10 recent articles in English on-line) are available from my website:
1. Kwiek, Marek Currriculum vitae, editor (2002): The University, Globalization, Central Europe. 260 pp. Frankfurt and New York: Peter Lang Scientific Publishers

2. Kwiek, Marek and Finikov, Taras (2001): Higher Education in Central and Eastern Europe: Poland and Ukraine. Kiev: Taxon Publishing Currriculum vitae House. 240 pp (in Ukrainian).

3. Kwiek, Marek (1998): The Dilemmas of Identity. On the Self-Image of the Philosopher in Post-War French Thought. Poznan. Adam Mickiewicz University Press. 342 pp (in Polish).

4. Kwiek, Marek, editor Currriculum vitae (1998): ‘Do Not Ask MeWho I Am...’ Michel Foucault Today. Poznan. Adam Mickiewicz University Press. 307 pp (in Polish).

5. Kwiek, Marek (1996): Rorty's Elective Affinities. The New Pragmatism and Postmodern Thought. Poznañ. Adam Mickiewicz University Currriculum vitae Press. 302 pp (in English).

6. Kwiek, Marek (1994): Rorty and Lyotard. In the Labyrinths of Postmodernity. Poznañ. Adam Mickiewicz University Press. 200 pp (in Polish).

Selected papers:

1. Globalization as a New Paradigm for Currriculum vitae Rethinking Higher Education? Implications for the Future In: Educational Sciences: Theory and Practice, May 2002, Marmara University, 133-155 (in Turkish).

2. Critical Thinking and Democracy Today: A Central Euroepan Perspective. Montclair State University, Washington DC Currriculum vitae: Literal Books. 2002. 27-34.

3. Philosophical and Cultural Dimensions of Current Transformations of the Institution of the University. Higher Education in Europe. Vol. XXVIII. No. 3/2001. Carfax Publishing London. 39-51 (French and Russian translations available on-line Currriculum vitae from CEPES/UNESCO website).

4. Globalization and Higher Education? Higher Education in Europe. Vol. XXVI, No. 1/2001. Carfax Publishing London. 23-41 (French and Russian translations available on-line from CEPES/UNESCO website).

5. The Nation-State, Globalization and the Currriculum vitae Modern Institution of the University. In Theoria. A Journal of Social and Political Theory. Oxford and New York: Berghahn Books. vol. 96. Dec. 2000. 74-99.

6. The Internationalization and Globalization in Central European Higher Education Currriculum vitae. Society for Research into Higher Education International News. London: Open University Press. 2/2001. 4-6.

7. Freedom and Globalization. In: P. Juchacz, R. Kozlowski (eds.). Freiheit und Verantwortung. Frankfurt a/Main: Peter Lang. 2002. 47-62.

8. The Nation-State Currriculum vitae and Democracy. In: Decydent. 7/8/2001. Warsaw. 22-24 (in Polish)

9. Reforming Polish Higher Education and the New Millenium. In International Higher Education.

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10. Central European Currriculum vitae Higher Education and Global Pressures: The Three Aspects of Globalization. In: Transformations, Adaptations and Integrations. Global and Local Problems. Z. Drozdowicz (ed.). Poznan: Humaniora Foundation. 2001. 161-174.

11. Philosophy - Democracy - University. In: Philosophy and Democracy. P. Juchacz Currriculum vitae and R. Kozlowski (eds.). Poznan: Adam Mickiewicz University Press. 193-206 (in Polish)

12. The Identity Crisis? Philosophical Questions about the University as a Modern Institution. In: Europaeisierung der Bildungssysteme. K. Glass, Z. Drozdowicz (eds Currriculum vitae.). Vienna: Oesterreichische Gesellschaft fuer Mitteleuropaeische Studien. 2000. 23-37.

13. Gone with the Modern Wind? The National Identity and Democracy in the Global Age. In. Z. Drozdowicz, M. Ziolkowski (ed.). Transformation-Integration.Vienna: Oesterrechische Gesellschaft Currriculum vitae fuer Mitteleuropaeische Studien. 2000. 213-227.

14. After Philosophy: the Novelist as Cultural Hero of Modernity? On Richard Rorty’s New Pragmatism. Theoria. A Journal of Social and Political Theory. Oxford and New York: Berghahn Books. No Currriculum vitae 92, December 1998. 29-54.

15. Postmodernism, Science, Philosophy. 2B. A Journal of Ideas. Chicago: Northwestern University Press, No 13-14 (1998). 29-46.

16. Between the Community and the Text (French Philosophy, Politics, and the Figure of the Intellectual) Trames. An International Currriculum vitae Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences 1998, No. 2, Vol. 2 (52/47). Tallin: Academy of Sciences Publishers. 165-185.

17. Philosophy – Politics – Changing the World. In: T. Buksiński (ed.), Philosophical Ideas in Politics. Poznań. Adam Mickiewicz University Currriculum vitae Press. 193-213 (in Polish).

18. Zygmunt Bauman and the Question of the Intellectual. "Working Papers", vol. 17, the Center for Western European Studies at the University of California (Berkeley). 1-30.

Selected forthcoming papers (2002):

  1. The Currriculum vitae Academe in Transition. In: Philip G. Altbach (ed.), The Academic Profession from a Comparative Perspective. Boston: Center for International Higher Education (40 pp in English)

forthcoming also in: Higher Education, Kluwer (spring 2003).

2. Melancholy Currriculum vitae, Utopia, and Intellectuals (Reading Wolf Lepenies). In: A. Zeidler (ed.). The Wolf Lepenies Festschrift, Amsterdam: Rodopi Publishers. 30 pp.