Congress Venues

European Association for Jewish Studies (EAJS)

IX Congress



Bologna, State Archives, Hebrew fragment 152: page from an Ashkenazi Bible

copied in the XIV century, containing the Congress Venues end of Exodus and the beginning of Leviticus

Ravenna (Italy) 25th-29th, July 2010


P. Corradini: Palazzo Corradini, room 1-6

Address: via Mariani 5 - c/o Palazzo Corradini, 48121 Ravenna

P. Verdi: Palazzo Verdi, room 1-4

Address: Via Giuseppe Pasolini Congress Venues 23, 48121 Ravenna

Aula Magna: Palazzo dei Congressi

Address: Largo Firenze, 48121 Ravenna, next to Palazzo Corradini

^ Congress Venues
All Congress sessions will be held at Palazzo Corradini, via Mariani 5, and at Palazzo Verdi, via Pasolini 23, Ravenna Congress Venues. These venues are located in the center of Ravenna.

The Scientific Sections Congress Venues of the Congress

and their Presidents

  1. Biblical History and Archaeology: Lucio Troiani, André Lemaire

  1. Biblical Literature and Language: Alessandro Catastini, Maria Teresa Ortega-Monasterio

  1. Second Temple Judaism: Gabriele Boccaccini, Florentino García Mart Congress Venuesínez

  1. Jews and Judaism in Late Antiquity: Cesare Colaffemina, Tessa Rajac

  1. Rabbinic Litterature: Günter Stemberger, Alberdina Houtman

  1. Medieval Jewish History: Shlomo Simonsohn, Alfred Haverkamp

  1. Medieval Jewish Literature: Bruno Chiesa, Geoffrey Kahn

  1. Manuscripts, Codices and Books: Giuliano Congress Venues Tamani, Judith Schlanger

  1. Early Modern History (1492-1600): Pier Cesare Ioly Zorattini, Joanna Weinberg

  1. Modern Jewish History: Valerio Marchetti, Irene Zwiep

  1. Modern Jewish Literature: Gabriella Moscati Steindler, Helen Beer

  1. Jewish Languages: Laura Minervini, Jean Baumgarten

  1. Jewish Arts: Luisella Congress Venues Mortara Ottolenghi, Michael Berkowitz

  1. Contemporary Jewish History (after 1933): Michele Sarfatti, Michal Galas

  1. Jewish Philosophy: Mauro Zonta, Reiner Munk

  1. Jewish Misticism, Kabbalah, Magics: Giulio Busi, Giuseppe Veltri

Opening Ceremony and Plenary Lectures

The Opening Ceremony will take place Congress Venues on Sunday 25 July, h. 19:00, at Aula Magna, Palazzo dei Congressi.

Three Plenary Lectures will take place in Palazzo Congressi, Aula Magna.

July 26, h. 9.00-10.00 – Martin Goodman, Titus, Berenice and Agrippa: the last days of the Temple Congress Venues in Jerusalem.

July 27, h. 9.00-10.00 – Kenneth Stow, Was there a Jewish Middle Ages?

July 28, h. 9.00-10.00 – Shlomo Simonsohn, Jewish Italy: The Melting Pot of Mediterranean Jews


Sunday, July 25, h. 14:00-19:00, Registration and Badges at Palazzo Congress Venues dei Congressi.

Special meetings and events of general interest

Monday, July 26, 2010

13:00 – 14:00 Workshop “Make the best of the EAJS Funders’ database”, directed by Veronika Köver, Palazzo Verdi, Aula 5.

19:00 – 20:00 Meeting of the Outgoing EAJS Executive Congress Venues Committee, Palazzo Corradini, Aula 6.

21:30 Concert: Siman Tov live (Klezmer and other Jewish music) and Judith R. Cohen (Songs of the Mediterranean Sephardim), Palazzo dei Congressi, Aula magna.

Tuesday, July 27 , 2010,

13:00 – 14:00 Workshop Congress Venues: “How to improve your funding application”, Palazzo Verdi, Aula 5.

19:00 – 20:00 EAJS General Meeting and Election of the EAJS President, Palazzo dei Congressi, Aula Magna.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

19:00 – 20:00 Meeting of the Incoming EAJS Executive Committee, Palazzo Corradini Congress Venues, Aula 6.

Full Program

Monday, 26 July

P. Corradini, Room 1

Morning: Section 10 “Modern Jewish History”

Chair: Irene Zwiep

10:15 – 12:00

Alexander Lokshin, The Origins of the Political Zionism: The Jewish and the Non-Jewish Response in Late Congress Venues Imperial Russia

^ Ilaria Pavan, Beyond the Mortara Affair: Italy's Houses of Cathecumens in the Era of Emancipation

Haim Saadoun, The Political and Cultural Activism of Tunisian Jewry in the 20 Century

Afternoon Congress Venues: Section 13 “Jewish Art”

Chair: Michael Berkowitz

14:30 – 16:00

Sara Guzzetti-Saposnik, Shifting Imagery of the Jew in Italy: L’orfana del Ghetto in Literature and Cinema

Tamar Alexander, The Presentation of Jewish Salonika in Postcards

Nadia Valman, East end Vanity Congress Venues Fair: Writing Petticoat Lane at the Fin de Siècle

16:30 - 17:30 Section 9 “Early Modern History”

Panel “The Ethnographic Eye: The Papal Inquisition and Professing Jews in Italy”

Chair: Katherine Aron-Beller

Katherine Congress Venues Aron-Beller, The Papal Inquisition in Modena: Jews and the Hiring of Christian Servants

Kimberly Lynn, The Meanings of Moses: Spanish Clerics, Venetian Printers, and the Question of Jurisdiction Over Jews

Monday, 26 July

P. Corradini, Room 2

Morning Congress Venues: Section 10 “Modern Jewish History”

Chair: Elissa Bemporad

10:15 – 13:00

Natascia Danieli, Leon Modena’s Letters

Francesca Bregoli, “A Second Mother and Most Tender Wet-Nurse”: Jews, Medical Culture and the Public Good in 18th Congress Venues-Century Livorno

Jan Zouplna, The Initial Phase of Revisionist Zionism, 1922-25: The Non-Jabotinsky Story

Simon Mayers, The Anglo-Jewish Press, the Church of Rome, and the Palestine Question, 1900-1922

Dario Miccoli, Alexandrian Jews Congress Venues and the Alliance Israélite Universelle: Histories of a Levantine Bourgeoisie, 1897-1919

Afternoon: Section 10 “Modern Jewish History”

Chair: Natascia Danieli

14:30 – 18:30

Sarah Ljubibratic, Jews and New Christians under the Roman Inquisition: A Maltese Variant of Marranism?

^ Carmen Congress Venues Dell’Aversano, The Paradoxes of Assimilation: Quotation, Disidentifying and Redemption as Untenable Positions

Yosef Salmon, The Shemitta Controversy 1889-1910

Tatiana Solodukhina, The Jews Formerly Russian Subjects in the Syro-Palestinian Region of Congress Venues the Ottoman Empire in the middle of the 19th Century

Nava Ben Artzey Schieber, The Relation to the ‘Other’ as a Question of Survival: a Psychoanalysis Perspective

Elissa Bemporad, Revolution in Pink: Roles Congress Venues and Images of Jewish Women in Interwar Soviet Russia

Daniel J. Clasby, Luigi Luzzatti’s Jewish Politics: Transnational Debates on the Status of Religious Minorities in Italy and Abroad, 1909-1922

Monday, 26 July

P. Corradini, Room Congress Venues 3

Morning: Section 6 “Medieval Jewish History”

Chair: Simha Goldin

10:15 – 13:00

Katja Vehlow, Why Did the Twentieth Century Debate on Medieval Jewish Historiography Exclude the Writings of Jews in Islamic Lands?

^ Ursula Ragacs, From Babylonia Congress Venues to Paris: A Rabbinical Text’s “Journey” around the Medieval Mediterranean Sea 

Ilana Wartenberg, From Castile to Sicily: Isaac ben Solomon ibn Al-Ahdab’s Intellectual Journey around the Mediterranean Sea

Nicholas Congress Venues de Lange, Medieval Hebrew Inscriptions from the Byzantine Empire

Igor Filippov, The Jewish names Mancip, Bonmancip: a Contribution to Medieval Jewish Onomastics in the French Midi and in Catalonia

Afternoon: Section 6 “Medieval Jewish History”

Chair Congress Venues: Nicholas de Lange

14:30 – 18:00

Alessandra Veronese, “German” and “Italian” Jews in Northern Italy: Settlements and Relationships

Judah D. Galinsky, Communal Charity in 13th Spain: The Evidence of Rabbinic Literature

Simha Goldin, Jewish Medieval Neighborhood: New Perspectives

Fred Congress Venues Astren, Jews and the ‘New’ Mediterranean Studies, Sixth-Tenth Centuries

Marina Rustow, Jews and the ‘New’ Mediterranean Studies, Tenth-Twelfth Centuries

Eve Krakowski, Female Property Rights and the Dowry in Geniza Society

Monday, 26 July

P Congress Venues. Corradini, Room 4

Morning: Section 5 “Rabbinic Literature”

Chair: Günter Stemberger

10:15 – 12:15

Tannaitic Period

Arkady Kovelman, “A Share in the World to Come”: Text and Hypertext of Mishnah Sanhedrin

Olga Isabel Ruiz Morell, Another Contribution to Tosefta

Elisabetta Abate, The Flying Congress Venues Bird and the Women Who Spin in the Moonlight (mSotah 6:1): Rumours about a Suspected Adulteress or Hints at Divination?

Jordan Rosenblum, The Idol in Her Bra: Commensality Intermarriage, and Idolatry Congress Venues in Tannaitic Literature

12:30 – 13:30


Elvira Martín-Contreras, Transmitting the Bible: A New Approach to the Role of the Rabbinic Literature in the Textual Transmission

Galit Hasan-Rokem, Gifts of Identity and Textual Congress Venues Gifts: Transformations of Cultural Capital in Rabbinic Tales of Late Antiquity

Afternoon: Section 5 “Rabbinic Literature”

Chair: Arkady Kovelman

14:30 – 16:00

Middle Ages

Lennart Lehmhaus, Seder Eliyahu Rabba and Zuta: The Discourse of Morality as a Dialogue in Its Congress Venues Pluralistic Environment of Mediterranean Societies

Ulrich Berzbach, Through the Looking-Glass of the Yalqut, and what can be found there concerning Seder Eliyahu Zuta

Moshe Lavee, Late Midrsahic Activity across the Mediterranean Sea

16:30 – 18:00


Yehudah Congress Venues Cohn, Rabbinic Trade Regulation Reconsidered

Koji Osawa, Jannes and Jambres: Two Magicians in Judaism

Tamas Turan, Polymorphous Imagery in Ancient Rabbinic God-Talk

Teugels Lieve M., Pigs and Pork as Jewish Identity Markers from Antiquity Congress Venues to Modernity

Monday, 26 July

P. Corradini, Room 5

Morning: Section 4 “Jews and Judaism in Late Antiquity”

Chair: Martin Goodman

10:15 – 13:30

Samuele Rocca, Ethnic and Religious Diversity in the Urbs: The Development of the Jewish Communities in Imperial Congress Venues Rome

^ Ben Zion Rosenfeld, The Poor Family in Jewish Society in Roman Palestine, 70-400 C.E.

Aron Sterk, The Epistola Anne Ad Senecam: An Early Fifth Century Latin Jewish Protreptic in Dialogue with Pagan Congress Venues Montheism?

Jacoov Shapira, The Status of Parents: Between the Palestinian Talmud and the Babylon Talmud

Willem Smelik, Justinian’s Novella 146 and Contemporary Judaism

Margaret Williams, Symbol and Text in the Jewish Inscriptions Congress Venues of Late Ancient Rome

Afternoon: Section 4 “Jews and Judaism in Late Antiquity”

Chair: Ben Zion Rosenfeld

14:30 – 17:30

Mireille Hadas-Lebel, Menasseh ben Israel and the European Debate on the Testimonium Flavianum in the Seventeenth Century

Görge Hasselhoff Congress Venues, Who are the Jews with whom Jerome Communicated?

Sacha Stern, From Qumran to Nicaea: Sectarianism and Heresy

Liubov Chernin, The Converts of Minorca in 418: Circumstances and Consequences of Baptizing

Giovanni Frulla, The Congress Venues Work of Jason of Cyrene: Literary and Historical Aspects

Piotr Drag, Jewish Catacombs in Malta in the Mediterranean Context

Monday, 26 July

P. Verdi, Room 1

Morning: Section 3 “Second Temple Judaism”

Chair: Edward Dabrowa

10:15 – 13:00

Kenneth Atkinson, Pompey the Great Congress Venues in the Dead Sea Scrolls and Related Jewish Texts: How the Romans used Religion to Conquer Jerusalem in 63 BCE

^ Michael Avioz, The Character of Jonathan in Josephus’ Antiquities

Miriam Ben Zeev, Cultural Patterns in Congress Venues Judea in the Second Century BCE

Katell Berthelot, The Concept of Anathema in Ancient Jewish Literature Written in Greek

Isaac Oliver, Jubilees and the Rabbis: Forming Jewish Identity by Formulating Legislation for Gentiles

Afternoon: Section Congress Venues 3 “Second Temple Judaism”

Chair: Miriam Ben Zeev

14:30 – 18:00

Edward Dabrowa, The Hasmoneans and Religious Homogeneity of their State

Giovanni Ibba, Sons of Zadok in Qumranic Manuscripts

Silvia Castelli, Allusions to the Jews of Congress Venues Rome in Philo’s Legatio ad Gaium

Pieter W. Van Der Horst, Philo and the Problem of God’s Emotions

Jason M. Zurawski, Separating the Devil from the Diabolos: A Fresh Translation of Wisdom Congress Venues of Solomon 2:24

Sandra Gambetti, On the Ethnarch Again: What if Josephus was right?

Monday, 26 July 2010

P. Verdi, Room 2

Morning: Section 1 “Biblical History and Archaeology”

10:15 – 13:30

Panel “Archaeological Artifacts relating to the Biblical World: From the Collection Congress Venues of Dr. Shlomo Moussaieff”

Chair: Meir Lubetski

Meir Lubetski, Interpreting Symbols on Pre-Exilic Hebrew Seals

Martin K. Heide, Abram and the Domestication of the Camel

Andre Lemaire, The Moussaieff Collection Congress Venues of Palaeo-Hebrew Ostraca Revised or the Qumran Community in its Jewish Historical Context

Claire Gottlieb, Who was Bat Pharaoh?Exodus 2:5

Matthew Morgenstern, Mediterranean or Mesopotamian? Reflection on Some Aramaic Magic Formulae

Wilfred G. Lambert, Female Demons Congress Venues in the Ancient Near East

Afternoon: Section 15 “Jewish Philosophy”

Chair: Haim Kreisel

14:30 – 18:30

Mária Mičaninová, Factor Primus in ibn Gabirol´s Metaphysics

Steven Harvey, Continuity and Change as Reflected in the Introductions of the Congress Venues Fourteenth-Century Hebrew Translators of Philosophic Texts

Lukas Muehlethaler, The Reception of Abū Al-Barakāt’s Philosophical Work: A Re-Appraisal

Yehuda Halper, Why were Hebrew Translations Revised? The Case of Averroes Congress Venues’ Long Commentary on Aristotle’s Metaphysics

Kenneth Seeskin, Maimonides’ on the Days of the Messiah: Restorative or Utopian?

Dvora Bregman, Moses Zacuto, a Venetian Rabbi and Baroque Poet

Orietta Ombrosi, History, Memory, Pardon

Monday, 26 July

P. Verdi Congress Venues, Room 3

Morning: Section 8 “Manuscripts, Codices, and Books”

Chair: Jesús de Prado Plumed

10:15 – 13:00

Dagmara Budzioch, Characteristic Features of “Italian” Esther Scrolls from 17th Century on the Kraków Manuscript (Biblioteka Xx. Czartoryskich – Nr Congress Venues. 2442)

^ Francisco Javier del Barco, Reconstructing the Early History of two Kabbalistic Manuscripts from El Escorial Library

Maria Teresa Ortega-Monasterio, Manuscripts Digitization in CSIC Libraries

Lucia Raspe, Yiddish Minhagim Manuscripts from Sixteenth-Century Italy

Ora Congress Venues Schwarzwald, A Ladino Prayer Book for Women from the Sixteenth Century

Afternoon: Section 8 “Manuscripts, Codices, and Books”

Chair: Maria Teresa Ortega-Monasterio

14:30 – 17:30

Elodie Attia, Copies of Printed Books in Sixteenth Century Congress Venues Italian Hebrew Manuscripts

^ Jesús De Prado Plumed, The Italian Paradoxes of Alfonso de Zamora (Fl. 1516-1545): Abravanel on Latter Prophets from Jewish Italy to Converso Castile

Edith Lubetski, The Art and Science of a Biblical Congress Venues Bibliography

Gila Prebor, History of the Hebrew Book and Hebrew Bibliography – State of Research 1976-2006

Inge Lederer, Compiled Interpretations of Ruth 1:1-13 In the Hebrew Manuscript Vatican ebr. 18

Monday, 26 July

P. Verdi, Room Congress Venues 4

Morning: Section 14 “Contemporary Jewish History”

Chair: Michał Galas

10:15 – 12:30

Modern Israel

Silvia Guetta, A Review of the Historical Research and Studies on the History of Jewish Education from the 18th. to the 20th. Century

^ Einat Libel-Hass, Female Congress Venues Visibility in the Public Space of an Israeli "Masorti" / Conservative Community

Francisco Javier Fernández Vallina, A Canon for the History of the Jewish Thought in the Contemporary Modernity?: On the Importance and Congress Venues Difficulty of a Consensus on the Jewish Diversity

^ Alek Epstein, Between Affection and Estrangement: Hannah Arendt on Jewish Identity, Zionism and Israel

Afternoon: Section 14 “Contemporary Jewish History”

Chair: Michele Sarfatti

14:00 – 18:00

Pre-Holocaust Period and Congress Venues Time of Holocaust

Orly C. Meron, Jewish Entrepreneurial Activity in Salonica During the Mid-1930s

^ Gerben Zaagsma, Jewish Migrants and Anti-Semitism in Paris and London before WWII

Asaf Yedidya, The Nazis’ Attacks on the Talmud Congress Venues and the Jewish Apologetic Reactions in the 1930’s

Michał Galas, Between Orthodoxy and Assimilation: Varieties of Judaism in Poland in the Late 1930ties (before the Holocaust)

Daniel Langton, Holocaust Theology and the Use Congress Venues of History

David E. Fishman, In the Shadow of the Holocaust: The Vilna Jewish Museum, 1944-1949

Silvia Haia Antonucci, The Activities of the Delasem in the Documents of the Historical Archives of Congress Venues the Jewish Community of Rome

Tuesday, 27 July

P. Congressi, Aula Magna

Morning: Section 10 “Modern Jewish History”

Chair: Yaacov Goldstein

10:15 – 13:30

Rakefet Zalashik, Law and Jewish Lunatics in Mandatory Palestine

Eleonore Lappin, Trieste: Austria’s Gate to Eretz Israel

Asher Salah, Judaism Congress Venues as a Moral Theology: The Work and the Figure of Elisha Pontremoli

Victoria Khiterer, Laughing Through Tears: Jewish Kiev in the Writings of Sholom Aleichem

Gideon Kouts, Ben Yehuda, a Hebrew Journalist Congress Venues in Paris, and the “French Model” of Journalism at the End of the 19th Century

Helen Przibilla, The Zionist Yizkor Book Tradition. Commemorating the Fallen in the Yishuv

Afternoon: Section 10 “Modern Jewish History”

Chair: Asher Congress Venues Salah

14:30 – 17:30

Viktor Kelner, Russian Jew Maxim Vinaverì (National Identification of the Russian Jewry and Political Life in Russia at the Beginning of the 20th Century)

Yaacov Goldstein, The Settlement Ethos in the Jewish and Congress Venues Zionist Thought

George Yaakov Kohler, Rabbi Max Dienemann’s Plans for Liberal Judaism in Palestine

Alessandro Grazi, The Passion of a People. Jewish Authors on Italian Nationalism and Jewish Identity in Risorgimento Italy

Malgorzata Domagalska Congress Venues, The Linguistic Image of the Jew in the Polish Anti-Semitic and Conservative Press at the Turn of the 19th and 20th Century

Agnieszka Friedrich, ‘Rola’ Magazine Towards the Dreyfus Congress Venues Affair

Tuesday, 27 July

P. Corradini, Aula 1

Morning: Section 13 “Jewish Art”

Chair: Nina Spiegel

10:15 – 12:30

Music, Performance And Identity

Rachel Adelstein, Joining the Stream: Holocaust-Related Music as a Monument of Sacred Time

Judith Cohen, “Now I Forgot the Congress Venues Words”: Searching for Songs on the “Ladinobus” in Turkey 

Susanne Marten-Finnis, Léon Bakst, the Oriental Other, and the Ballets Russes Reception in Britain and France

Building Buidlings, Adorning Edifices

Daniel Muñoz Congress Venues Garrido, From Granada to Toledo, a Journey Through the Synagogue Del Transito

Afternoon: Section 13 “Jewish Art”

14:30 – 16:00

Panel “Presenting and Performing Between Self and Nation”

Chair: Judith Cohen

Astrid Schmetterling, “I am Jussuf of Egypt”: Else Lasker Congress Venues-Schüler’s Orientalist Drawings

Nina Spiegel, Dancing to Different Rhythms: Jewish Choreography in the Mediterranean Context and Beyond

Arieh Saposnik, Terra Sancta or Promised Land? The Christian Holy Land and Zionist Re-Sacralization

Tuesday, 27 July Congress Venues

P. Corradini, Aula 2

Morning: Section 7 “Medieval Jewish Literature”

Chair: Wout Jac Van Bekkum

10:15 – 13:30

Mariano Gómez Aranda, Controversies on the Creation of the World in ibn Ezra’s Comments on Congress Venues Genesis 1:1

^ Mordechai Z. Cohen, Maimonides vs. Abraham ibn Ezra: Two Mediterranean Bible Exegetes

Arturo Prats Olivan, The Love Poetry of Shelomoh Bonafed

Mónica Olalla Sánchez, Latin Syntactic Loans Translations in a Hebrew Version of Lilium Congress Venues Medicinae of Bernard of Gordon

Riikka Tuori, The Hebrew Zemirot of the Lithuanian Karaite Scholar Zerah ben Nathan (1578-1663) in the Light of Poetic Guidelines Мейд by the Rabbanite Scholar Joseph Solomon Delmedigo of Congress Venues Candia (1591-1655)

^ Robert A. Harris, Allegory and Context: 12th Century Rabbinic Commentaries on the Song of Songs

Afternoon: Section 7 “Medieval Jewish Literature”

Chair: Robert A. Harris

14:30 – 18:30

Joachim Yeshaya, The Introduction of Poetry Congress Venues in the Karaite Liturgy from Moses ben Abraham Dar‘ until Aaron ben Joseph

Wout Jac Van Bekkum – Naoya Katsumata, Dictionary of Piyyut: The Preliminary Presentation of an Online Database

Uri Ehrlich, Some Observations on the Congress Venues Prayer Texts in Siddur Rav Saadia Gaon

James W. Nelson Novoa, The Reception of Seneca Among Fifteenth Century Sephardic Jews

Arie Schippers, Some Questions of Italian Hebrew Poetics in the Light of the Congress Venues Spanish Hebrew Heritage

Elisabeth Hollender, Reflecting the Other Christianity in Piyyut

Kineret Sittig, Abraham ibn Ezra’s Sabbath Letter: Different Genres in Ashkenaz and Italy

Tuesday, 27 July

P. Corradini, Aula 3

Morning: Section 5 “Rabbinic Literature”

10:15 – 12:30

Panel “The Congress Venues Manchester-Durham Typology of Anonymous and Pseudepigraphic Jewish Literature of Antiquity”

Chair: Shamma Friedman

Alex Samely, A New Approach to the Literary and Textual Features of Ancient Jewish Literature

Philip S. Alexander, On the Value or Congress Venues Lack of it of Ancient Genre Labels

Robert Hayward, A Typology of Megillat Ta‘anit

Rocco Bernasconi, Overlaps in Wording Between Mishnah and Tosefta

Afternoon: Section 5 “Rabbinic Literature”

Chair: Dineke Houtman

14:30 – 16:30

Amoraic Period

Shamma Congress Venues Friedman, What to do with Deuteronomy 18:10: Contrasting Approaches to Magic and Sorcery in Talmudic Palestine and Babylonia

^ Arnon Atzmon, “One Event for the Righteous and the Wicked”: Form and Content in Aggadic Midrashim

Günter Stemberger, Mekhilta Congress Venues de-Rabbi Yishmael: Some Aspects of its Redaction

Lorena Miralles Maciá, Proselytes and Sympathisers with Judaism in Leviticus Rabbah

Tuesday, 27 July

P. Corradini, Aula 4

Morning: Section 11 “Modern Jewish Literature”

Chair: Gabriella Congress Venues Moscati Steindler

10:15 – 13:30

Saul Kirschbaum, A. B. Yehoshua’s Mar Mani Revisited

Berta Waldman, A Woman Flees the News – David Grossman

Nancy Rozenchan, When the “Other” is a Brother: Reflections about “Oriental Jew”: Contemporary Representation Congress Venues in the 21st Century Hebrew Literature

Avidov Lipsker, Abraham ben Yehoshua – Retrospective: From Metaphysics of Evil to a Local Mediterranean Ethics

Tamar Wolf-Monzon, The “Orient” as a Geographical Place Congress Venues and a Spiritual-Cultural Domain in the Work of Uri Zvi Grinberg

Afternoon: Section 11 “Modern Jewish Literature”

Chair: Saul Kirschbaum

14:30 – 18:00

Helena Rimon, The Quest for Identity in Hebrew Women's Poetry in the Context Congress Venues of the Myth of the Androgyne

John Champagne, Homosexuality, Fascism, History: Moravia and Bassani

Rachel F. Brenner, Warsaw Polish Writers-Diarists Encountering the Holocaust: The Cases of Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz and Maria Dąbrowska Congress Venues

Glenda Abramson, The Locust Plague in Palestine in 1915

Yaniv Hagbi, Judah L. Palache’s Approach to the History of Hebrew Literature

Zelda Newman – Noga Rubin, The Play’s the Thing: Kadya Molodowsky’s Self-Reflection Congress Venues in A Hoyz Oyf Grend Strit

Tuesday 27 July

P. Corradini, Aula 5

Morning: Section 3 “Second Temple Judaism”

Chair: Gabriele Boccaccini

10:15 – 13:30

Eugeny Eisenberg, Patriarch Photius and the First Jewish History Written by a Gentile

Caterina Moro, Fragments Congress Venues of Jewish-Egyptian Interpretation of Hebrew Bible

Meron M. Piotrkowski, Priestly Judaism in Hellenistic and Roman Egypt: The Oniad Community of Leontopolis

Dorit Gordon, “Early Anti-Semitism” Stories on their Classical Background: Josephus and “The Congress Venues First Blood Libel in History” (Against Apion, II, 90-124).

Gaia Lembi, Oriental Versus Greek Tradition: Jewish and Greek Historiography in Josephus’ Contra Apionem

Albert Baumgarten, Elias Bickerman: The Extraordinary Life of a Congress Venues Historian of the Jews of the Ancient Mediterranean


14:30 - 16:30 Section 3 “Second Temple Judaism”

Chair: Albert Baumgarten

Gabriele Boccaccini, Tigranes the Great as Nebuchadnezzar in the Book of Judith

Tessa Rajak, Philo and the Hebrew Language

Luiz Felipe Congress Venues Ribeiro, From the Aseret ha-Devarim to the Vitia Principalia: The Transformation of the Torah Oriented Vice Lists in the Jewish Two Ways Document (Didache 1-5; Barnabas 18-20; Doctrina Apostolorum 3-5) into Technologies of the Congress Venues Self

^ David Meir Feuchtwanger, Ezra’s Neo Conservative Leadership

17:00 – 18:00 Section 4 “Jews And Judaism In Late Antiquity”

Magdalena Maciudzińska, When Orpheus Sang the Psalms (Tehilim). Jewish Iconography in the Syncretistic Milieu of Congress Venues Late Antiquity

Andrzej Mrozek, The Image of Jesus in the Talmud, a Contribution to Knowledge of the Judeo-Christian Relations of the Late Antiquity

Tuesday 27 July

P. Verdi, Aula 1

Morning: Section 15 “Jewish Philosophy”

Chair: Mauro Zonta

10:15 – 13:30

Saverio Congress Venues Campanini, The First Mention of ibn Falaqera in Latin: A Case Study in the Reception of Ancient Philosophy in the Renaissance

^ Reinier Munk, Mendelssohn and Kant in Discussion

Hanoch Ben Pazi, The Importance of Congress Venues Testimony in the Establishment of Tradition: Religion and Ethics in S. D. Luzzatto and Hermann Cohen 

Richard Cohen, The Few and the Many: Political Philosophy and Levinas

James A. Diamond, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Congress Venues Kook's Maimonides: A Contemporary Mystic’s Subversive Embrace of a Medieval Rationalist

Haim Kreisel, Between Religion and Knowledge: The Medieval Hebrew Encyclopedias

Afternoon: Section 15 “Jewish Philosophy”

14:30 – 16:00

Panel “Medieval Science in Jewish Cultures”

Chair Congress Venues: Resianne Fontaine

Ronit Yoeli-Tlalim, References to India in Assaf’s Book of Medicine 

Frederek Musall, Some Aspects of Al-Ġazālī’ and Moses Maimonides’ Notion of Science: A Cross-Reading 

Mauro Zonta, The Study Congress Venues of Aristotle’s Physics at the School of Judah Messer Leo (ca.1450-1480) and its Relationship to Contemporary Latin Scholasticism

Tuesday, 27 July

P. Verdi, Aula 2

Morning: Section 8 “Manuscripts, Codices, and Books”

10:15 – 13:30

Panel Congress Venues “The European Genizah”

Chair: Judith Schlanger

Andreas Lehnardt, “Genizat Germania” – A Research Project on Hebrew Binding Fragments in Germany

Saskia Dönitz, Josephus Torn to Pieces – Fragments of Sefer Yosippon in Genizat Germania

Martha Keil Congress Venues, Medieval Hebrew Fragments in Austrian Libraries – A Trailblazer Project in Europe

Judith Kogel, Talmudic Fragments Discovered in the Colmar Library

Esperança Valls Y Pujol, The Hebrew Historical Documents of Girona: A Necessary Comparison Congress Venues with the Crisitian Sources

Afternoon: Section 8 “Manuscripts, Codices, and Books”

14:30- 16:00

Panel “The European Genizah”,

Chair: Andreas Lehnardt

Mauro Perani, The Hebrew Original Leasing Deed of Moshe Norsa’s Lending Bank to the Jews Gallico and Forti Congress Venues, Mantua December 17, 1517 from the Italian Genizah

^ José Ramn Magdalena Nom de Déu, The Hebrew Fragments of the Archives of Gerona Fragmentos: New Data and Future Research.

Meritxell Blasco Orellana Congress Venues, Los Fragmentos Hebraicos De Gerona: Arxiu Municipal: Estado De La Cuestión.

Judith Schlanger, A Medieval Account Book from Southern France Discovered in a Binding in the Jagellonian Library in Cracow


Tuesday, 27 July

P. Verdi Congress Venues, Aula 3

Morning: Section 6 “Medieval Jewish History”


10:15 – 12:00

Elinoar Bareket, Poets and Rhymesters as Cultural Heroes in the Jewish Society in the Mediteranean Basin during the Middle Ages

^ Susan L. Einbinder Congress Venues, Writing Jewish Physicians in Late Medieval Europe

Afternoon: Section 2 “Biblical Literature and Language”

Chair: Alessandro Catastini

14:00 – 18:30

Guadalupe Seijas Rios Zarzosa, Preexilic and Postexilic Parallelism in Proto-Isaiah: A Comparative Study

^ Michael Terry, Text C Bites the Dust Congress Venues: Another Nail in the Coffin of the Primitive Hebrew Book of Judith

Ludmila Ginsbursky, The Priestly Picture of Dorian Gray Reconsidered: Defilement of the Temple and Defilement of the Worshippers

David Prebor Congress Venues, Property Terms in Classical Hebrew – Semantic Developments

Anna Angelini, Israel and its Neighbours: The Divination between Permission and Prohibition

Luis Vegas-Montaner, Semantic Relevance of Syndesis and Word Order in the Psalms: A Case Study Congress Venues of Qatal and Yiqtol in Parallelism with Wayyiqtol

Suzana Chwarts, Israel’s Patriarchal Cycle and the Meaning of Sterility

Alessandra Pecchioli, סמל Semel: An Entry for a Database of the Semantics of Ancient Hebrew

Tuesday Congress Venues, 27 July

P. Verdi, Aula 4

Morning: Section 14 “Contemporary Jewish History”

Chair: Martin Goodman

10:15 – 12:00

Michele Sarfatti, Jews in Albania, 1938-1943: From the End of the Albanian Independent Government to the end of the Italian Occupation

^ Eleni Kapa Congress Venues-Karasavvidou, Land of Nowhere Land of Everywhere: Folk Songs in the Concentration Camps 1941-1944

Lisalette Dijkers, Iranian Jews in the Interregnum

12:00 – 13:30

Panel “Toleration of Variety Within Judaism”

Chair: Martin Goodman

Joseph E. David, Toleration of Congress Venues Deviation in Medieval Halakhah

Simon Levis Sullam, Toleration in the Ghetto of Venice: A Re-Examination of Leon Modena’s Historia de’ Riti Hebraici (1637)

Corinna Kaiser, Mapping Spaces of Toleration in Contemporary Judaism

Afternoon Congress Venues: Section 14 “Contemporary Jewish History”

14:30 – 16:30

Panel “The Presence of the She’erit Hapletah in Italy: The Relationship between DPs, Authorities and Public Opinion”

^ Chair: Arturo Marzano

Cinzia Villani, The Italian Government’s Policy Towards Congress Venues the Arrival of Jewish DPs

Elena Mazzini, The Italian Public Opinion and the Refugees

Arturo Marzano, The Camps and Haksharotoh in Rome: A Case Study

Fabrizio Lelli, Written Memories and Oral Memories in the Transit Camps Congress Venues: The Case of Southern Apulia

Wednesday, 28 July

Aula Magna, P. Congressi

Morning: Section 10 “Modern Jewish History”

Chair: Julie-Marthe Cohen

10:15 – 12:30

Tomer Levi, The Formation of a Mediterranean Community: The Jews of Beirut Congress Venues, 1860-1939

Tirtsah Levie Bernfeld, Material Culture and Cultural Change: Dutch Sephardim in Amsterdam’s Golden Age

James Renton, American Jewry, 1918: The Heart of a Colonial Diaspora?

Monique Rodrigues Balbuena, Multilingual Portuguese Communities: Reading 17th-Century Records from Congress Venues the Ponentini in Reggio Emilia

Afternoon: Section 10 “Modern Jewish History”

14:30 – 17:00

Panel “The ‘Sephardic Model of Emancipation and Integration’ in Europe in the 19th and 20th Century”

Chair: Arturo Marzano

Karin Hofmeester, The ‘Sephardic Model Congress Venues of Emancipation’ and the Political Integration of Jews in the Netherlands in the 19th and 20th Century

^ Veerle Vanden Daelen, Minority or Sub-Minority? Sephardic Jews in Early Twentieth Century Congress Venues Antwerp

Bart Wallet, Transformation of a Diaspora, the Western Sephardic Diaspora in the Nineteenth Century (1815-1914)

Jaap Cohen, Sephardic, Jewish, or Dutch? The Families Jessurun d’Oliveira and Rodrigues Pereira in Nineteenth-Century Amsterdam Congress Venues as a Case-Study

Julie-Marthe Cohen, The Looting of Ceremonial Objects from Dutch Jewish Synagogues During WWII

Wednesday, 28 July

P. Corradini, Aula 1

Morning: Section 13 “Jewish Art”

Chair: Arye Saposnik

10:15 – 12:00

Culture, Craft and Vocation During Congress Venues Wartime

Kitty Millet, The Danger of Beauty: Charlotte Salomon and Aesthetic Experience

^ David De Vries, Diamonds in Wartime Palestine

Michael Berkowitz, The Warburg Institute Presents “British Art and the Mediterranean” (1941): An Episode in the History Congress Venues of Jews and Photography

Afternoon: Section 13 “Jewish Art”

Chair: Michael Berkowitz

14:30 – 16:30

Bridging Times and Cultures.

Eugeny Kotlyar, The Jerusalem Temple in Italian Art: A Model for Eastern European Synagogues

^ Sasha Lozanova, The Jewish Cemetery in Sofia Congress Venues – Past and Present

Anna Lebet-Minakowska, Orthodox Jewish Costume as Manifestation of Jewishness

Rudolf Klein, Genealogy of Main Synagogue Types in Austria-Hungary

16:30 – 18:30

Art, Schism, Conflict, Collaboration

Shulamit Laderman, Elijah: The Prophet of Fire, Fury Congress Venues and Faith – in Art and Aggada

^ Vilma Gradinskaite, Mark’s Antokolsky’s Bas-Relief: Inquisition Attacks Jews Celebrating Pesach: Inspirers and Followers

Ida Batsheva Goldman, Corot, Brandon, Degas, Moreau

Eleonora Jedlinska, Moshe Kupferman Congress Venues (1926-2003): The Painter of Light and Memory

Wednesday, 28 July

P. Corradini, Aula 2

Morning: Section 7 “Medieval Jewish Literature”

10:15 – 12:30

Panel “Hebrew Liturgical Poetry between Late Antique Palestine and Byzantine Italy”

Chair: Ophir Münz-Manor

Michael Swartz Congress Venues, Segmentation, Style, and Iconography in Early Piyyut

Laura Lieber, Love and Marriage in Early Piyyut

Ophir Münz-Manor, Wings of Change: Angels in Palestinian and Italian Piyyut

Peter Sh. Lehnardt, The Valor of Congress Venues the One Who Dwells in Firmaments I Shall Elaborate’: Developments in the Rhetoric of the Embodied Proem in the Tradition of Hebrew Liturgical Poetry in Italy

12:30 – 13:30

^ Michela Andreatta, The Philosopher who Cries and Congress Venues the Philosopher who Laughs: The Adaptation of a Classical Motif in Immanuel Frances’ Humorous Epitaphs

Aurora Salvatierra Ossorio, Al-Harizi and 12th-13th Century Didactic Literature

Afternoon: Section 7 “Medieval Jewish Literature”

Chair: Peter Sh Congress Venues. Lehnardt

14:30 – 18:00

Nili Shalev, “Passion is Awake While Counsel Sleeps”: Reflections on the Relationship between Passion and Reason in Rhymed Epigrams from Twelfth-Century Provence

^ Carmen Caballero Navas, Rabbenu Mosheh on Gynaecology. The Circulation in Hebrew of Congress Venues the Sixteenth Chapter of Maimonides’ Medical Aphorisms

Maria Kaspina, The Jewish Versions of a Universal Fairytale about a Maiden in a Tower (AT 310 and AT 930a)

Astrid Lembke, Law and Transgression in Congress Venues the Ma‘aseh Yerushalmi

Shaul Regev, Oral and Written Sermons in the Middle Ages

Rella Kushelevsky, Italy as a Cultural Symbol in Ashkenaz: An Inter-Textual Study of a Tale From North France Congress Venues (13th Century): ‘The Three Decrees’  

Wednesday, 28 July

P. Corradini, Aula 3

Morning: Section 16 “Jewish Mysticism, Kabbalah, Magic”

Chair: Alessandro Guetta

10:15 – 12:30

Christian Kabbalah

Yaacob Dweck, Leon Modena, Christian Kabbalah, and Jewish Converts to Christianity

^ Giacomo Corazzol, A Hebrew Congress Venues-Aramaic Psellus: The Ultimate Source of Pico della Mirandola’s Zoroastrian Conclusions

Alessia Bellusci, Shelat Chalom in the Manuscripts of the Cairo Genizah

Yoseph Cohen, What induced Hananel da Foligno to convert Congress Venues to Catholicism, or, New Findings regarding the Influence of Kabbalah Upon 16th Century Italian Jewry.

^ Miguel Antonio Beltrán Munar, Italian Jewish Philosophers of the Renaissance, Christian Kabbalah, and Herrera’s Puerta Del Cielo

Afternoon Congress Venues: Section 16 “Jewish Mysticism, Kabbalah, Magic”

Chair: Saverio Campanini

14:00 – 18:30

Kabbalah And Jewish Mysticism

Elke Morlok, Rabbi Nehemia ben Shlomo and His Influence on Hermeneutic Perspectives in Spanish Kabbalah

^ Hartley Lachter, Rational Science and Esoteric Discourse Congress Venues in 13th Century Spanish Kabbalah

Emma Abate, Magic and Cabbala in Abraham Yagel’s מושיע חוסים

Joseph Levi, Science and Kabbalah in the Early Modern Period: From Elijah Delmedigo’s Behinat ha-Dat Congress Venues to Yashar of Candia’s Elim and Novlot Hokhmah

Ronit Meroz, An Unknown Version of the Zoharic Sifra de-Zeniuta

Annett Martini, Yosef Giqatilla’s Vowel Mysticism as Interpreted by Mordekay Dato

Klaus Herrmann, Throne Images in Congress Venues Judaism. Mystical and Aggadic Traditions about the Throne of God and Salomon as a Mirror of Jewish Life in the Mediterranean Context

^ Natalia Yakimchuk, The Zoharic Understanding of Evil, Based on Passage Congress Venues 34a-35b, and its Impact on the Sabbatian Antinomianism

Wednesday, 28 July

P. Corradini, Room 4

Morning: Section 11 “Modern Jewish Literature”

10:15 – 13:30

Panel “Translation and the Art of the Jewish Book”

Chair: Monique Rodrigues Balbuena

^ Yotam Benziman, The (Un Congress Venues)Translatability of Ethical Concepts

Hana Wirth-Nesher, Translating the Ineffable: The ABC’s of Modern Jewish Writing

Murray Baumgarten, Primo Levi: Thinking in German

Michal Ginsburg, Madame Bovary in Jerusalem

Na’ama Rokem, Recreated in Translation Congress Venues: Heine in Hebrew

Nancy Harrowitz, The Midrashic Levi

Afternoon: Section 11 “Modern Jewish Literature”

Chair: Murray Baumgarten

14:30 – 18:00

Hillel Weiss, Jaffa in Hebrew Narrative Fiction, from Agnon to Ailon Hilu

Laura Quercioli Mincer, Paths of Congress Venues Assimilation in Urke-Nachalnik and Sara Nomberg-Przytyk Prison Memoirs

Maddalena Schiavo, Italian Literature and Eretz Israel

Michaela Mudure, Virgil Duda and the Jewish-Romanian Identity in the Mediterranean World

Luisa Banki, The Art Congress Venues of Storytelling: Walter Benjamin on Ibiza

Manuela Cimeli, The Ambivalent Image of the Iberian Peninsula in the Judeospanish Narrative

Wednesday, 28 July

P. Corradini, Room 5

Morning: Section 9 “Early Modern History”

Chair: Ruth Von Bernuth

10:15 – 13:00

Raquel Sanz Barrio, From Coexistence Congress Venues to Expulsion: Segregationist Measures in the Kingdom of Granada, 1482-1492.

Edward Fram, So what would Rabbi Moses Isserles have written?

Renée Levine Melammed, Judeo-Conversas and Moriscas in 16th Congress Venues Century Spain: A Comparative Study

Abraham Melamed, From Tyre (Zor) to Venice: A History of a Founding Myth

Johanna M. Tanja, Targum Samuel in Christian Hands: Alfonso de Zamora, Benito Arias Montano and the Polyglot Bibles

Federica Congress Venues Francesconi, The “Diabolical” Library of Modena: A Cultural Crossroad between Europe and the Mediterranean in the Early-Modern Period

Afternoon: Section 9 “Early Modern History”

Chair: Abraham Melamed

14:30 – 17:00

Ruth Von Bernuth, Fortunatus: Mediterranean Traveler Congress Venues in Early Modern Yiddishland

Ruth Lamdan, Community and Individual: Letters from Eretz Israel Requesting Aid for Individuals in Distress

Limor Mintz-Manor, Translating a New World: Jewish Authors and the Discoveries in Congress Venues the West in Sixteenth Century Italy

Serena Di Nepi, From Italy to Turkey (and back again): The Roman Inquisition and the Jews Travellers in the Mediterranean Area (XVI-XVIII Centuries)

Israel M. Sandman, Methodological Consciousness and Congress Venues the Scribe of ^ MS JTS-A 2564

Wednesday, 28 July

P. Verdi, Room 1

Morning: Section 10 “Modern Jewish History”

10:15 – 12:30

Panel “The Translation of Knowledge: History, Pedagogy and Ideology in Jewish Textbooks” Chair: Marion Aptroot

Louise Congress Venues Hecht, Modern Values – Challenged Mentalities. Jewish Textbooks in the Habsburg Monarchy around 1800: The Teachers’ Perspective

^ Dirk Sadowski, Modern Values – Challenged Mentalities. Jewish Textbooks in the Habsburg Monarchy Around 1800: The Children’s Congress Venues Perspective

Simone Lässig, Interpreting “Civil Improvement” and “Educating” Jewish Contemporaries: Reform Sermons as a Means to Teach German Jews about Middle Class Culture

^ Irene Zwiep, The Representation of Dutch National History in Dutch Congress Venues-Jewish Textbooks of the Nineteenth Century

Afternoon: Section 10 “Modern Jewish History”

14:30 – 16:30

Panel “Jewish Genealogy”

Chair: Shlomo Berger

Maria Jose Surribas-Camps, Connecting with the Lives and Lineages of Medieval Catalan Jews

Federica Francesconi, An Alternative Path Toward Congress Venues Emancipation: Jewish Merchants and Their Cross-Cultural Networks in 18th Century Italian Ghettos

Valts Apinis, Jews in Latvia in 1918-1940: A Genealogical Perspective

Neville Y. Lamdan, Village Jews in the 19th Century Minsk Gubernya Through Congress Venues a Genealogical Lens

17:00 – 18:30

Panel “European Jewish Urban Studies”

Chair: François Guesnet

Rachel Heuberger, From Traditional Zedakah to Modern Philantropy. The Leading Role of Jewish Patrons in Frankfurt Am Main in the 19th Century.

Jean Congress Venues-Claude Kuperminc, Paris, Capital of the Jewish Education. The Role of the Ecole Normale Israélite Orientale in Shaping The Modernization of Oriental Jews

^ Zsuzsana Toronyi, Networks in the Synagogue. The Case of Congress Venues Seat-Owners Registry of the Dohany Street Synagogue, Budapest

Wednesday, 28 July

P. Verdi, Room 2

Morning: Section 12 “Jewish Languages”

Chair: Eunate Mirones Lozano

10:15 – 13:00

José Martinez Delgado, Hebrew and Judeo-Arabic Lexicography in Congress Venues Al-Andalus (10th-15th Centuries)

^ Haike Beruriah Wiegand, Contemporary Yiddish Poetry: Recent Publications in Italy and Beyond

Yvette Bürki, Letters to the Editor in Two Judeo-Spanish Journals of Thessaloniki

Alfonso Carro Esperanza Congress Venues M., An Anonymous Commentary on the Book of Job, Interspersed with Arabic and Castilian Glosses

María Angeles Gallego, From the Arabic of the Jews to Judeo-Arabic

Afternoon: Section 12 “Jewish Languages”

Chair Congress Venues: José Martinez Delgado

14:30 – 17:30

Benjamin Hary, Jewish Languages and Migration: On the Linguistic Connection between Religiolects and Migration

^ George Jochnowitz, Parallel Developments: Judeo-Italian and Xiao’erjing (Mandarin of Chinese Muslims)

Rivka Shemesh, The Usage of the Co Congress Venues-Agentic Dative Pronoun in Mishnah and Tosefta

Eunate Mirones Lozano, Languages Spoken by Jews in Medieval Navarre: Romance, Hebrew, and Basque?

Rosa Sánchez, The Speech of Modern Sephardic Women Congress Venues as Portrayed in the Theatre and Humoristic Dialogues (19th–20th Cen.)

Dorothea Salzer, Cultural Translation: The Case of German-Jewish Children’s Bibles

Thursday 29 July

P. Congressi, Aula Magna

Morning: Section 10 “Modern Jewish History”

9:00 – 11:00

Panel “Ashkenazi Daily Congress Venues Life during the 18th Century”

Chair: Irene Zwiep

Shmuel Feiner, Pleasures Among the Jews In Eighteenth-Century Europe and their Secularizing Meaning

Marion Aptroot, Whist, Knucklebones and Golf: ‘Jewish’ Pastimes in Congress Venues Yiddish Satires

Shlomo Berger, On Hobbies in Ashkenazi Society during the Eighteenth Century

Natalie Naimark-Goldberg, Jews in Central European Spas in the 18th Century

Thursday, 29 July

P. Corradini, Room 1

Morning: Section 13 “Jewish Art”

Chair: Michael Congress Venues Berkowitz

9:00 – 10:00

Style, Substance, Essence?

Luisella Mortara Ottolenghi, Reflections on Research in Jewish Illuminated Manuscripts

^ Artur Kamczycki, Theodor Herzl as Urjüdischer Typus. Anthropology and Esthetics in Zionist Argumentations at the Beginning of the Congress Venues 20th Century

Thursday, 29 July

P. Corradini, Room 2

Morning: Section 16 “Jewish Mysticism, Kabbalah Magic”

Chair: Giacomo Corazzol

9:00 – 10:00


Ortal-Paz Saar, Love Magic across the Mediterranean: Italy and the Cairo Genizah

Luca Baraldi, Imagination, Hallucination, Prophecy: The Imaginative Dimension Congress Venues in Jewish Preaching Between 16th and 17th Century

10:30 – 12:00


Mark Zvi, The Contemporary Renassaince of Breslov Hasidism: Ritual, Tikkun and Messianism

Susanne Talabardon, Creating a New Identity: The Function of Conversional Stories Congress Venues within Emerging Religious Groups

Yoram Bilu, Making the Absent Rabbi Present: Iconophilia and Apparitions Among Habad Hasidim in Israel

Thursday, 29 July

P. Corradini, Room 3

Morning: Section 11 “Modern Jewish Literature”

Chair: Murray Baumgarten

9:00 – 10:00

Anna Lissa, Caught in Congress Venues between Two Worlds: The Case of Giacomo Leopardi and Hayyim Nachman Bialik

10:30 – 12:00

Panel “The Ethnographic Eye: Jewish Travellers’ Perspectives on Difference”

Chair: Murray Baumgarten

Deborah Dash Moore, John Gutmann and Robert Frank Picture America

Gabriella Moscati Congress Venues Steindler, Rahel Straus the First Woman Physician in Germany Biography

Judith Goldstein, The Playwright as Ethnographer: Iranian Theather in Israel

Thursday, 29 July

P. Corradini, Room 4

Morning: Section 9 “Early Modern History”

9:00 – 11:00

Panel Congress Venues “Baroque Society and Jewish Culture”

Chair: Saverio Campanini

Cristiana Facchini, Jewish Political Narratives and Practices in 17th Century

Giuseppe Veltri, Principles of Jewish Skeptical Thought. The Case of Simone Luzzatto

Alessandro Guetta, Jewish Translations of the Congress Venues Bible in Early Modern Italy: the Christian Influence

Gianfranco Miletto, Religion and Knowledge in the Visual Culture at the Time of the Counter-Reformation: The Shilte ha-Gibborim of Abraham Ben David Portaleone

Thursday Congress Venues, 29 July

P. Corradini, Room 5

Morning: Section 10 “Modern Jewish History”

9:00 – 10:30

Panel “Moravia. A Desert Country near the Sea (Shakespeare, Winter's Tale)”

Chair: Louise Hecht

Tamás Visi, Lobele Prostitz and the Shabbatean Congress Venues Movement in Early Eighteenth-Century Moravia

Louise Hecht, Transfer of Goods: Transfer of Culture the Jewish Tobacco Monopoly in Bohemia and Moravia

Marie Crhová, Moravská Ostrava as the Epicenter of Jewish Nationalism in Interwar Congress Venues Czechoslovakia

Thursday, 29 July

P. Verdi, Room 1

Morning: Section 12 “Jewish Languages”

Chair: Delgado opp Alessandro Catastini ?

9:00 – 11:00

Esther Szuchman, The Hebrew Language: Identification / Identity and its Continuity in the Diaspora

^ Alvina Hovhannisyan, Medieval Hebrew Grammar in the Congress Venues Context of Judeo-Arabic Symbiosis

Ronny Vollandt, Capturing Form Versus Meaning: The Typology of Early Judaeo-Arabic Pentateuch Translations

Tatevik Harutyunyan, Jewish Languages


Abate, Elisabetta

Abate, Emma

Abramson, Glenda

Adelstein, Rachel

Alexander, Philip S.

Alfonso Congress Venues Carro, Maria Esperanza

Andreatta, Michela

Angelini, Anna

Antonucci, Silvia Haia

Apinis, Valts

Aptroot, Marion

Aron-Beller, Katherine

Astren, Fred

Atkinson, Kenneth

Attia, Elodie

Atzmon, Arnon


Avioz, Michael

Banki, Luisa

Baraldi , Luca

Bareket, Elinoar

Batsheva Congress Venues Goldman, Ida

Baumgarten, Albert

Baumgarten, Murray B.

Bekkum, Wout Jac van -Katsumata, Naoya

Beltrán Munar, Miguel Antonio

Bemporad, Elissa

Ben Artzey Schieber, Nava

Ben Pazi, Hanoch

Ben Zeev, Miriam

Benziman, Yotman

Berger, Shlomo

Berkowitz, Michael

Bernasconi, Rocco

Bernfeld, Tirtsah Levie

Bernuth, Ruth von Congress Venues

Berthelot, Katell

Beruriah Wiegand, Haike

Berzbach, Ulrich

Bilu, Yoram

Blasco Orellana, Meritxell

Boccaccini, Gabriele

Bregman, Dvora

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Brenner, Rachel F.

Budzioch, Dagmara

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Caballero Navas, Carmen

Campanini, Saverio

Castelli, Silvia

Champagne, John

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Chwarts Congress Venues, Suzana

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Cohen, Jaap

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Cohen, Mordechai Z.

Cohen, Richard

Cohen, Yoseph

Cohn, Yehudah

Corazzol, Giacomo

Crhová, Marie

Dabrowa, Edward

Danieli, Natascia

Dash Moore, Deborah

David, Joseph Congress Venues E.

De Lange, Nicholas

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De Vries, David

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Ehrlich Congress Venues, Uri

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Francesconi, Federica

Friedman, Shamma

Friedrich, Agnieszka

Frulla, Giovanni

Galas, Micha Congress Venuesł

Galinsky, Judah D.

Gallego, María Angeles

Gambetti, Sandra

Garcia Arévalo, Tania Maria

Ginsburg, Michal

Ginsbursky, Ludmila

Goldin, Simha

Goldstein , Judith

Goldstein, Yaacov

Gómez Aranda, Mariano

Gordon, Dorit

Gottlieb, Claire

Gradinskaite, Vilma

Grazi, Alessandro

Guetta, Alessandro

Guetta Congress Venues, Silvia

Guzzetti-Saposnik, Sara

Hadas-Lebel,  Mireille

Hagbi, Yaniv

Halper, Yehuda

Harris, Robert A.

Harrowitz, Nancy

Harutyunyan, Tatevik

Harvey, Steven

Hary, Benjamin

Hasan-Rokem, Galit

Hasselhoff, Görge

Hayward, Robert


Heide Congress Venues, Martin K.

Herrmann, Klaus

Heuberger, Rachel

Hofmeester, Karin

Hollender, Elisabeth

Horst, Pieter W. van der

Hovhannisyan, Alvina

Hyward , Robert

Ibba, Giovanni

Jedlinska, Eleonora

Jochnowitz, George

Kaiser, Corinna

Kamczycki, Artur

Kapa-Karasavvidou, Eleni

Kaspina, Maria

Keil, Martha Congress Venues

Kelner, Viktor

Khiterer, Victoria

Kirschbaum, Saul

Klein, Rudolf

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Kohler, George Yaakov

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Lambert, Wilfred G.

Lamdan Congress Venues, Neville Y.

Lamdan, Ruth

Langton, Daniel

Lappin, Eleonore

Lässig, Simone

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Lebet-Minakowska, Anna

Lederer, Inge

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Mazzini Congress Venues, Elena

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Mortara Ottolenghi Congress Venues, Luisella

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Ruiz Morell, Olga Isabel

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Sarah Pearce

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Sterk Congress Venues, Aron

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Vegas Congress Venues-Montaner, Luis

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Visi, Tamás

Vollandt, Ronny

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Weiss, Hillel

Williams, Margaret

Wirth-Nesher, Hana

Wolf-Monzon, Tamar

Yakimchuk, Natalia

Yedidya, Asaf

Yeshaya, Joachim

Yoeli-Tlalim, Ronit Congress Venues

Zaagsma, Gerben

Zalashik, Rakefet

Zonta, Mauro

Zouplna, Jan

Zurawski, Jason M.

Zvi, Mark

Zwiep, Irene